About The Elves of Eberron

The goal of this website is to have a single location where members of the Elves of Eberron can gather, share learn, help, and discuss multiple things concerning the game. I encourage YOU to post any questions, ideas, or help in the forum page, no matter how small or big it is. We also have a photo gallery where everyone is welcome to upload any pictures that they want to share. Utilize this website to its fullest, afterall YOU are a part of the guild.

- Bladeedge

Concerning out picture gallery, this site limits us on how many pictures we can post at a given time.  Because of that, I created a guild Photobucket account where things can be posted and viewed to our hearts content.  The site is    Feel free to take a look at it!  I'll be adding more pictures to it once in a while, so check it frequently!  If you want a picture submitted to it, send it to and I'll post it for you! Also, you can email me at that same address if you want to talk to me about something.


If you have ideas for a contest or something else, please drop us a line in the Guild Chest!  We'll be more than happy to hear out your ideas.  Our next contest/even will be chosen in the Polls page once we get a few ideas.  Sadly, we can't do an art contest because it isn't fair to the people who don't have access to a tablet or a scanner.  Pretty much anything else is welcome though!


Also, please add your toons to the Guild Roster page, including your alts, even if an alt is in a different guild.  That way, people can find out who has a toon within their level range to quest with!  Bladeedge, Lavanthor, Aviankeshin and a few others have a few toons of different levels to quest with, so check it out and hit us up!


As the new guild leader, I'd like to give a warm welcome to the new members to our growing guild, and welcome back the returning members!  Remember, if you have any questions, comments, requests, or anything else, please ask one of the officers.  Bladeedge is still a firm member of the guild, and I will also do whatever I can to help others out!


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